SharePoint Custom List Forms (No Code)

Using SharePoint Designer you can create your own newforms, editforms, and viewforms. This is quick and easy to do.

  1. Create a list with the columns and fields you desire for your customer input form, or internal staff form.
  2. Open your site in SharePoint Designer.
  3. Browse to the list you wish to create a new input form upon, or the list you wish to change an input form on. (In this case the list you made in step 1.)
  4. Either copy and paste an existing form, save an existing form as DesiredFormName.aspx, or select the existing form you wish to modify.
  5. Delete the default ListFormWebPart from the page.

    Edit: (If anyone does delete it by accident because you didn’t read the warning there is a way to fix it, but it is tedius, and until you do trying to create new items will throw errors (from the list ‘New” dropdown. This site: has one method, or you can keep the list and readd the control and reset the page to site definition and it should also resolve the issue.)

  6. Select the Insert command from the top menu bar, Hover over “SharePoint Controls” and select “Custom List Form”. If you don’t see the option (it’s greyed out) just ensure that you are selecting the webzone and it should become available.
  7. Follow the wizard to create the form you would like.
  8. You now have complete freedom to modify the look, feel, xslt, and even the buttons as much as you want. Often people rearrange the fields, hide certain fields, set up javascript to show and hide fields based on what you have selected and many other wonderful tricks to help make your forms and lists far more user friendly and flexible to the businesses needs.)
  9. Save the Page! 😛

That’s it! It’s very easy to make your own custom list form and using this you can enable the capturing of any kind of data, while making the interface look like older systems, or make it more advanced for extra user interaction.

Hope you enjoyed this tip,

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4 Comments on “SharePoint Custom List Forms (No Code)”

  1. Prathima Says:

    I have to create a custom list in WSS 3.0. The “Custom List Form under the “SharePoint Controls” is always greyed out. I have selected web part zone and tried selecting the Custom List form but it does not work. Please help.

  2. rharbridge Says:

    Easy trick. Select a webpart in this zone and the option should appear non greyed out.

    Let me know if that resolves it.

  3. Lavanya Says:

    Hi Richard,

    How to make the attachments work in the customized form?

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