SharePoint’s Explosive Job Growth

In the past few years SharePoint has gone from a very specialized platform adopted by a small percentage of Microsoft Supporters to a wide spread single platform solution that is the fastest selling server product in Microsoft’s history.

Everyone is interested in SharePoint, all around the world, and the ways in which it is being deployed have gone far beyond the initial designs and estimates from the SharePoint product teams.

What this means is that with any kind of explosive growth (and it’s not going to slow down) the demand for people who are knowledgeable with SharePoint from all the different areas (Sales, Consulting, Development (especially development), Administration etc) has increased just as fast.

The best part? It’s super easy to learn. I mean it. You hear alot about a good SharePoint developer, or a good SharePoint consultant making tons of money, or finding lots of success but the truth is you are either a good developer or not, a good consultant or not. My recommendation is: “If you haven’t looked into SharePoint and what it can do, the growth and reception it is recieving around the world from all areas of business, and how the actual framework (and associated frameworks) work then you should do so immediatly.”

SharePoint has a massive community for sharing and collaborating. There’s the SharePoint solutions on which can save money and time for many organizations. Microsoft recently released a specialized website for SharePoint development:,, and of course you still have MSDN, Newsgroups and Technet.

A good developer can get his/her WSS certification in I would say a week or two of looking at the API and creating some simple sample components. The MOSS certification and technical/configuration certifications are a little more specialized but also very easy. If you are an IT administrator, Systems Analyst or just someone in the IT field and you want another certification I highly recommend getting 1 of the 4 SharePoint ones. Because this growth isn’t going to slow down, the demand will continue to increase, and it’s easier to distinguish yourself now, then it will be when a couple years down the road the entire market is saturated with SharePoint specialists.

This also goes for Sales staff, I remember hearing time and time again SharePoint sales staff saying: “The beauty of SharePoint is it sells itself!”. With all the marketing and sales tools that Microsoft pumps out it makes it very easy to stay up to date and evangelise Microsoft’s suite of products. The Microsoft Gear UP group will give you tons of free resources and tools for sales stuff:

The number of SharePoint specialized companies, SharePoint supporting companies and sheer growth of Microsoft Partners means that if you take a bit of time now learning SharePoint or at least investigating it, you will gain immeasurable rewards and personal growth in the next few years.

Just a thought,

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