SharePoint Webpart Error

Often when you are starting out (or if your up late developing :P) you will add a webpart to a page that causes an error and ‘crashes’ the entire page. This can be very annoying, especially if it’s not your webpart and you just wanted to see what it was, or if you need to have that page up and running again but don’t have the time to fix the offending webpart.

If you type “?contents=1” after any SharePoint page name in your browser window it will show you the webparts maintenance view for that page. This allows you to easily remove the offending webpart and continue on with whatever you were doing.

Example: “http://portal/sites/default.aspx?contents=1”

Hope this helps save some time,

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2 Comments on “SharePoint Webpart Error”

  1. Francois H. Pienaar Says:

    Have you ever come across the error when, after navigating to ?contents=1, SharePoint says that it cannot find the page?

  2. rharbridge Says:

    Unfortunatly I have not. The ?contents=1 is related to the page type. So any SharePoint webpartpage etc automatically displays the webpart listing if it recieves that query string.

    Is it possible the address is wrong?

    If it helps try posting the address or addresses that are causing the problem and maybe I can help troubleshoot.

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