Using Calculated Columns for Powerful Views

The other day someone asked me if it was possible to create monthly views and whether it would be possible to sort and filter by the month (jan, feb, etc).  What was special about this request was that it had to include ALL content from previous years for that month.

The reason in this case was to compare market figures and sales trends by month, especially helpful if you are trying to see how much you improved or what demand might be expected to be for certain products or services.

The problem was, they wanted the ability to filter and sort a column of this data in line (in this case month), not just see views of the information.

The solution in this case was simple, just use a calculated column for the month view and you will get the in line sorting and filtering of SharePoint for that column.

  1. Create a column called month.
  2. Set the calculation in this case to be “=MONTH([DateColumn])”.
    (Some examples of other common formulas:

That’s it.

Now his users could filter the records by month without having to change views.

This could also be easily used to create a column that calculated the season as an example to give them both the ability to maybe group quarterly results and total them. (Note: To total a calculated column see my total calculated columns post.)

Make your users experience more powerful and provide them the details they need in the way they are used to it, or would prefer to see it by applying a bit of thought to the application of calculated columns.


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