User Friendly Selection of Lists and Webs

Anytime you do any custom development work with SharePoint or have a scenario where you must have a user select a site or list you want it to be as easy and painless on the user as possible. Whether it’s a Site Picker, List Picker, or combination of the two you need there is a component in SharePoint that can help a great deal.

The component I am talking about is SharePoint’s TreePickerDialog. The tree picker dialog is the control that SharePoint uses to show site management options and allows users to select sites and lists and is contained in a js file of the same name.

An example of this dialog is shown below:

SharePoint uses this dialog in the Content Query web part to help you select a site or subsite, or a specific list. So if you are creating any of your own controls or modifications where you must have the user select a site or list, make sure you replicate the work already done by SharePoint and help keep the user look and feel consistent.

Now instead of me explaining how to use it I will point you towards two great posts done sometime time ago by Darren and Chistopher which explains two different scenarios (with code) on how to implement the TreePickerDialog to help improve user experience.

Darren’s SharePoint picker Toolpart post:

Christopher’s Adding a SharePoint Site Picker to a _layouts page:

Hope this helps save someone time and effort,
Richard Harbridge

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