Publishing Infrastucture gives Access Denied

This happens more often then I would like, but sometimes you receive an access denied message when trying to turn on the publishing infrastructure feature of SharePoint. This is related to the installation/configuration of the web applications and SharePoint user accounts.

Simple solution? Just use the stsadm command “stsadm -o activatefeature -name PublishingResources -url <YOURURL>” and it will activate the feature for you.

Other solutions could be adding the user account being used in the application pool to the WSS_ADMIN_WPG group on that local machine. This would resolve it and remove the permissions issue.

Anyways just wanted to note this so I wouldn’t forget and maybe it can help someone,
Richard Harbridge

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2 Comments on “Publishing Infrastucture gives Access Denied”

  1. graegerts Says:

    Probably more easy is to activate the feature by hand, which works all the time given your logged in as administrator. Otherwise one violates official best practices for MOSS 2007 if taken seriously.

  2. rharbridge Says:

    Absolutely. This is more for the situations where the application pool account does not have sufficient permissions to perform the activation (not site level administrator).

    In many deployments the administrative accounts are controlled by a very small group and with very flat structures often hundreds of site collections can be made. Since it is not feasible for the highest level administrators to activate these features for all site collections this could be a feasible workaround (especially when delegation of these rights is necessary).

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