New to Workflows? Document Review/Approval Example

Anyone who has used SharePoint, WSS or Windows Workflow Foundation will agree that it is very powerful and has many business applications.

There are hundreds of resources on Workflows, which is wonderful but can also be overwhelming and cover some of the starter material. Personally I have really enjoyed Stephen Howards screen casts on designing workflows more than any other collection for those who want to see what workflows can do, and how they can be used (out of the box) I HIGHLY suggest these. In fact whenever someone asks me nowadays my first reaction is to copy paste the link and say take a gander at this, or I show them some real solutions where I have implemented them.

If you are new to SharePoint and want to see what workflows can do with a REAL example all accompanied by screen casts I suggest visiting this article and following it through. Before Stephen Howard did these wonderful screen casts it was much harder to explain these concepts, now everyone can take advantage of his excellent work.

The link above will take you to a nicely documented document review workflow solution. This is a VERY common workflow that is necessary, and 14 screen casts are available on this page which describe how to create one and enhance it so that you have a very spiffy workflow solution and can reuse it for a variety of scenarios.

Hope this helps you as much as it did me a little ways back,
Richard Harbridge

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