Asset Picker Browse Field Control

One of those things that everyone should know is how to build a field control. SharePoint has all sorts of terrific components that you can use within a field control. I know I have mentioned how the asset picker can save time and effort but I figured it would be worth while to again reference a video that Alex Holcombe whipped up that shows exactly how to build one of these controls (in this case one for document relationships):

This is a terrific starting point if you want to begin thinking of how you can use the Asset Picker or SharePoint’s browser dialog window to create references to items in SharePoint. A simple example of how this could be of benefit is by creating an image selection field control. We all know the out of the box hyperlink/image field control is pretty basic, wouldn’t it be nice to have a browse dialog to find the images you want to reference in SharePoint? Voila, just follow the steps outlined in the video and add some logic so it only shows images in the picker control and you are all set.

Hope this helps someone,
Richard Harbridge

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One Comment on “Asset Picker Browse Field Control”

  1. Senthil Says:

    THanks a Lot I was looking something similar to this!

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