Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Specification

That sure is a mouthful eh?

This is great news. One of the greatest challenges I have faced is trying to find a way to make many Content Management systems interact with one another. Many of the businesses I have worked with have been running many different Content Management systems, and for their own valid reasons.

My first instinct, as an advocate and lover of the Microsoft way, is to try and get these other systems out of the door, and get all of the content management on SharePoint. I will admit this, because I know SharePoint well, and because I enjoy working with it so much, it’s natural that I would want everyone else to use it for all the wonderful things I have used it for in the past. The truth is though that I recognize that many business senarios and solutions require these other systems, and so there are many times where SharePoint needs to work side by side with Documentum, IBM Content Manager, or many of the other systems that exist out there.

This results in a training, communication, and user experience nightmare. Since each system has it’s own look, feel, language (terminology) and much more it makes it very confusing for customers and makes it very difficult to introduce new options. Often this also results in many custom solutions to synchronize and get these systems to look or work together in a more user friendly way.

However with the new CMIS specification it means that these ECM (enterprise content management) systems should use similar models for relationships, properties, folders, documents, versions, and object types. What this translates to is the fact that finally we have a standard for all of the ECM systems to use as a guideline as well as provide (excuse my glee) code samples. This means the issues (if this standard and specification is adopted in the future) that I mentioned earlier should be significantly reduced and maybe some of them can be removed entirely.

The full ECM announcement can be found here:

Keep your eyes open people and I can’t wait to see how CMS (content mangement systems) grow next,
Richard Harbridge

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