SharePoint Presentation Tools

There are probably plenty of other blog posts on this topic but since I just wrote a quick 10 presentation tips and tricks ( I figured I should also outline the SharePoint presentations I love that help me sell, explain, or provide content for personal presentations I use in my many lines of work.

The first area I use is Microsoft’s Gear Up for SharePoint. Microsoft has done a terrific job with this and I specifically love the “Building SharePoint Buzz” slideshow. ( The reason I love this slideshow? It’s well designed. It goes over some good points that everyone can understand and then into the high level understanding of what SharePoint does. I have used it numerous times for the stats within it, and the overall idea of how it opens up the presentation.

The second place I use for SharePoint presentations is that wonderful SDPS site: Within this site they have a collection of resources for the different SharePoint Deployment Planning Services packaged solution providings. The reason it’s so good? The slideshows are full of terrific content, well described, well formatted and imaged (if a bit too full of content for my tastes) and a terrific collection of resources for slide images, or ideas for how you can explain complicated concepts such as governance, collaboration or other important things.

That’s it really. Just those two areas. From a document perspective it’s from every corner of the web (there are some terrific community driven documents out there), but the above two Microsoft SharePoint resources are invaluable for anyone ever doing a SharePoint presentation.

Hope this helps someone else as much as it regularly does me,
Richard Harbridge

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