Improve SharePoint Website Performance (Easily)

Terrific ideas were passed around a short time ago which I should post here.

The first is a terrific post by ‘the kid’ to remove the ‘init.js’ and ‘control.css’ from a site unless you are updating it. This greatly reduces the download size of a SharePoint website. Terrific for dial up users or improving site performance.

The second thing I love? IIS Compression. There are lots of posts on this but I am going to use Andrew Connell’s for a reference as it is well written/explained:

Awesome stuff, and I can’t wait to see SharePoint web sites out there becoming faster and easier for those dialup users, and well, everyone else.

Hope you like it as much as I did,
Richard Harbridge

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One Comment on “Improve SharePoint Website Performance (Easily)”

  1. Ian Morrish Says:

    Even more performance for WAN/Internet users can be gained from using RPO.

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