SharePoint Tools (Free!)

Today someone asked me for the tools I use when developing or working with SharePoint, or which I would recommend. I thought I posted about this way back, but realized that I haven’t yet. These are primarily development tools and I wouldn’t necessarily ‘recommend’ ever using them on a production box, but yes, in the past I have used some of them on a production environment. (All FREE)

  1. SharePoint 2007 SDK – Sasmples, Help, How To Articles, BDC Tool, etc
  2. WSS 3.0 SDK – Samples, Help, How To Articles, and more
  3. Reflector – Every developer who works with .Net should have this. It used to be Lutz, but now the redgate reflector is king of the town.
  4. SharePoint Manager 2007 – Incredibly useful diagnostic tool and for assistance with planning.
  5. STSDev – Terrific tool to help in building out small/large projects quickly.
  6. Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint
    The first one would be Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions –
    The second one would be Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (Windows Workflow Foundation) –
  7. WSPBuilder – Terrific for creating quick WSP files.
  8. Solution Installer – Wonderful tool that is a must to help improve deployment management.
  9. U2U CAML Builder – Windows Client Version is my best friend. Saves so much time.
  10. Application Pool Manager – Spence created a terrific tool that sits in your task bar to help speed up recycling and other useful options.
  11. Registry Hack for “Right Click” Add Solution – Spence also made a great tool that makes it easier to add solutions that I always use.
  12. Log Viewer (makes reading through the logs on a dev box MUCH nicer)
  13. SharePoint Debugger – This is a really simple one from Ted that quickly (by a feature) allows you to turn the custom errors on and off in the web config. This is something we all do, I just like this for reducing the chance of someone messing up the web config. 🙂

Hope this helps someone improve their development or SharePoint experience,
Richard Harbridge

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3 Comments on “SharePoint Tools (Free!)”

  1. Idera Says:

    Hi there,

    I was going through your blog and saw an entry where you mentioned free tools. We have a free tool too for monitoring SharePoint. Take a look and let us know what you t hink!


  2. rharbridge Says:

    Hello Julia,

    I appreciate the comment. I will certainly test and evaluate this tool and may also amend this post with a recommendation of this tool.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention,
    Richard Habridge

  3. rharbridge Says:

    From a high level overview I can definitely see how it can help. I am a little concerned with how much CPU processing power it uses intermittently, but other than that it looks like a great tool. I will continue to use it over the next few weeks and see if I have any further comments on it.

    Thank you again Julia and it’s always great to see corporate entities creating community content for people to use and supporting the community. (Free tools.)

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