Microsoft Sales Toolkit Online Only (and Enhanced)

For those of you who don’t know about this I mentioned the Gear Up Toolkit for Microsoft Products (SharePoint included) awhile back and again when I was discussion SharePoint presentation material because I love this material and think it really helps anyone in Consulting, Administrative (to know what else is out there), and Sales.

One of the big factors for buying Microsoft is because you normally have more than one Microsoft product, service, or offering. So these toolkits are invaluable. Normally Microsoft sends them out every few months (I have a stack of them) which you can imagine takes tons of paper (it’s full colour) and isn’t as effective as an online solution. If you want the mobility, just download the oneNote or PDF version of the book there’s no need to bring the toolkit with you to a client’s site anymore.

Not only is Microsoft moving away from printing these (as of December 1st) but they are also improving the online experience with the toolkit! New features like the ability to use keyword search, links, copy and paste (another reason these are great resources for building presentations or emails), and so on.

Terrific news for the environment (go green tech!) and for all of us who use these toolkits!

Take a look around here:

Don’t forget to keep in mind that SharePoint is even nicer looking to clients when they can see how it works with other Microsoft Technology, or when they can begin moving everything over to the same platform. So understanding the Microsoft stack can really help you not only land sales, but keep and extend client relationships.

Hope this helps someone,
Richard Harbridge

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