My Year in Reflection and New Years Resolutions

So I decided to take a quick glance back over the past year and some of the big things I was able to do related to SharePoint. This is really for me to see if I can summarize and also to record my goals for next year.

My Year in Review:

1. Created this blog!

After working for several years with a SharePoint ISV specialist I decided to part ways to enhance my professional and personal growth. This also meant I could blog freely about SharePoint and was one of those things I made sure the Company I work for has no problems with it.

With less than half a year and 88 posts now I have really enjoyed blogging about SharePoint

For Reference:
I also created a sister blog that I intend to update more often here (for non SharePoint specific stuff):

2. Became active in the SharePoint forums!

One of those things I have always been thankful for was the assistance of the SharePoint community. For the very same reason listed above I became involved in the SharePoint forums and have really enjoyed the interaction and learning that comes from it.

It was very exciting getting those little forum medals, and finally making it into the top answerers list in the area I normally respond.

I think it’s also important to point out (and it’s probably repeated everywhere) that Mike Walsh’s dedication to helping the forums, people, and keeping things organized is nothing short of spectacular. At least in the area’s I posted he helped guide and enhance the usability, and experience of the forum for me and everyone else greatly.

Thank you Mike!

For Reference:
Mike Walsh is a SharePoint MVP who also maintains a wonderful collection of FAQ’s for WSS located here:

The general SharePoint forum I reference is located here:

3. Achieved More SharePoint Certifications

I have been so far behind in getting my Microsoft Certifications. In fact I have scheduled 3 exams and blew all of them off to work on projects and get them delivered before the deadline. After I made the blog and got involved in the community I decided I had better get my remaining SharePoint Certifications for MCTS and have grabbed two more of them in the past months.

Only one more to go (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – Application Development) set in January and I will have all the SharePoint certifications for MCTS. 🙂

For Reference:
Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring –
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring –
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 – Application Development –
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development –

4. Had another SharePoint Full Year

Implemented many more SharePoint portals, trained users on SharePoint from the basics of using the interface to the deep down work of creating application definition files for the BDC, or developing SharePoint solutions, got to do more SharePoint presentations for clients, internal staff, friends, and at conferences, and even got the opportunity to explore Microsoft Dynamics, PerformancePoint and many other Microsoft technologies.

My Goals for Next Year:

1. Continue to blog away!

I want to see if I can find more time to make better posts, and hopefully more beneficial ones. The posts this year were almost half serving as a reminder/storehouse for me to double check something or communicate something and I don’t think I created enough worthwhile or ‘new’ content.

2. Try and get more active in the forums!

Right now its a struggle to find the time to review forum posts and try and answer questions. I haven’t spent much time in the development forums, design forums, or configuration forums. So one of my new goals is to work out a better schedule for helping the community and assisting the other pockets more than focus on general SharePoint Questions.

3. Get that last SharePoint Certification and at least 4 other ones next year.

I realized that not getting my SharePoint Certifications earlier was just procrastinating. When I took the last two I didn’t have time to study, and had no problems getting the certs. To keep me up to date (certification wise) to what I know; I will make sure I get at least 4 other Microsoft Certifications next year as well.

4. Visit the Toronto SharePoint User Group Meetings, and Attend Conferences More

I really need to get to some of the Toronto SharePoint User Group Meetings more. With some of them being done in Mississauga now it should be alot easier (since traffic and downtown Toronto still scare me :P) and I want to try and attend more of the SharePoint conferences going on around Canada, and maybe even some US ones.

5. Learn more about PerformancePoint, Microsoft Dynamics (especially CRM), and a few other juicy Microsoft Products beyond how they work with SharePoint.

At this point I know a bit about many other Microsoft products in terms of how they can work with SharePoint, but I don’t know a lot about them individually. Initial plan is something like training session and (hopefully) Certification in the first months of next year for PerformancePoint and Dynamics some time after that.

Thank you everyone for helping me have a terrific year, and hope you all the best in the next one.
Richard Harbridge

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