Using Outlook to Help Manage SharePoint Alerts

One of those things I highly recommend doing is creating rules for SharePoint alert emails (since most of the time they come from an administrative account). This allows you to be aware of the alerts without cluttering your main inbox.

Rules aren’t limited to just SharePoint alerts. If you haven’t used Outlook Rules to help manage your mail items then here are some examples of how it can help with everyday items.

  • Forward to your manager all messages sent by Judy Lew when they arrive in your Inbox.
  • Assign the category Sales to all messages you send that have the word “sales” in the Subject box.
  • Flag each meeting request or meeting update you receive from your manager.

For more information on rules I recommend reading this:

Something else you can do in Outlook that many people don’t know about is retrieve a listing of all your SharePoint alerts (and any non SharePoint ones) using the Manage Alerts tab in Rules and Alerts.

Simply open the “Tools” Menu, Select “Rules and Alerts…” and Select the “ManageĀ  Alerts” tab.

Here are some screenshots:



You can review alerts, open the source addresses and create rules for each alert in outlook here.

I am afraid most other functionality will give you error messages so keep in mind this is a little limited, but I am sure as Office and SharePoint evolve this will become even more helpful and useful. For now I HIGHLY recommend setting up rules for your alerts if you haven’t already, or if you have important alerts already set up.

Oh and for reference the following is a short Microsoft entry on this:

Hope this helps someone,
Richard Harbridge

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