SharePoint Developers: SPDisposeCheck Release

This is probably redundant as pretty much everyone has blogged about it but just in case you don’t already know: SPDisposeCheck was released (hot and necessary for all dev’s as far as I am concerned).

But don’t take my word for it just check the blogging communities absolute joy on the totally sweet release:

  1. SharePoint Blog:
  2. Paul Andrew:
  3. Jan Tielens:
  4. Andrew Connell:–This-should-be-in-EVERY-SharePoint-developers-toolbox.aspx
  5. Gary Lapointe:

Hope you all give it a try and it helps save you time or enhance your development,
Richard Harbridge

P.S – When a friend calls you up around 11pm and says: “do you want to go tobogganing at midnight with a bunch of friends”, and you work at 6am the next day it is a wonderful idea to agree to go and have the time of your life. Also making pizza’s at a closed pizzeria at 3am in the morning is a great way to warm yourself up and apparently enjoy the unique experience of a pizza dough fight.

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