SharePoint Certifications

So I had some time off this week and decided to finish up the last SharePoint certification I kept putting off. That makes all 4 WSS and MOSS Microsoft Certifications (and the two MOSS ones were well over 900/1000 :P).



I am not certain what certifications I will grab next, but the BVPS Certification, PerformancePoint, SQL Reporting Services, and a bunch of others are looking appetizing. Anyone have experience with these or advice on other SharePoint related technologies I should get certified on?

Thank you,
Richard Harbridge

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3 Comments on “SharePoint Certifications”

  1. Munib Butt Says:

    Congrats Richard. Thats great. I am also looking at the WSS/MOSS 2007 Application development certification. Can you provide some tips on how to prepare for this exam?

  2. rharbridge Says:

    Honestly the exam prep pages provide a good idea of the areas you should know about.


    If you explore the object model for each area and determine what each function does youll be prepared when you complete the exam to put your certification and knowledge to direct use.

    There are online/downloadable practice tests which can prepare you with example questions of what you might cover on the exam. These can help as well, but keep in mind that they won’t have the same questions the exam does. (Similar in many instances, but not the same).

    A friend of mine once used measure up and told me it wasn’t bad (for studying for his .Net cert).

  3. rharbridge Says:

    Oh and in many instances you probably wont have as much real world experience with the MOSS exam material (unless your company is really using SharePoint fully).

    The WSS ones and the questions it covers are all pretty general ones you run into when developing with SharePoint. I didn’t study for the WSS one when I took it a year and a bit back, and did fine. The MOSS one I had to study a fair bit to make sure I understood API I dont have experience using (like record center stuff).

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