Form Action Controls (Simple and Powerful)

I go on pretty regularly about how much I love SharePoint Designer, the Data Form Web Part and a bunch of the existing SharePoint controls that provide so much power and flexibility out of the box.

Over at SharePoint Beagle Raymond Mitchell wrote a fantastic series of articles and the last one found here: describes an existing Form Action Button that can perform custom actions such as initiating a designer workflow (awesome) . He also describes a really nice way of easily adding it to provide huge potential benefit in the data form web part (or data view control). Very cool stuff and a well articulated read.

Personally if you haven’t read up about the Data Form Web Part (Or Data View as it’s sometimes called) I highly suggest starting at the beginning of this article series as it does a really good job at summarizing the power of the control.

Keep in mind that while the Form Action Button is very cool the Form Action Hyperlink can be wrapped around nice little images and things of that nature to make it even nicer looking. There are a whole slew of controls for you to explore that many of you out there probably haven’t. In fact if you have used every one of the controls in this image I applaud you. If you haven’t then you should definitely play with each to learn how it can help you save enormous amounts of development time for proof of concept, prototyping, or even in many cases building out solutions.


And of course let’s not forget those available under the insert command. 🙂


Hope you enjoy the controls and read more about what’s possible in SharePoint Designer,
Richard Harbridge

P.S – Thank you to Dan Rosenberg for letting me know about the SharePoint Beagle article (totally slipped under my radar).

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