Windows Live Blogging!

So the other day I downloaded all the new Live tools (along with the new live messenger, and decided to give the blog writer another shot).

I was extremely impressed. It handled everything better in my mind than the wordpress editor (built in) and I fully intend to now write my posts using this tool from this point onwards. It’s editor does a really good job of ‘what you see is what you get’ taking into account custom CSS even.

The following is my simple test post with the tool which can be found here:

I wonder how well this will work with the template I have running on wordpress.

There is only one way to tell I suppose!

  1. First I will write a blog post.
  2. Then I will post it through Windows Live Blog Writing Tools
  3. Then I will see how well it handles advanced formatting.
    1. Such as another level of steps.
    2. And another level of bullets.
  • Example A
  • Example B

It’s pretty impressive actually. Far better so far than the wordpress editor!

I loves you Live Writer. Like this turtle loves this strawberry.2651265613_c8595434e8_b

<script language="javascript">alert("Yeah Man");</script>

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One Comment on “Windows Live Blogging!”

  1. SpittingCAML Says:

    Ahem… cough.. It’s a tortoise ;-)..

    I agree completely though, Windows Live Writer changed my blogging experience, I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.

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