Canvas for OneNote <3

I am in love with Canvas for OneNote.

Canvas for OneNote allows you to basically navigate around and work in your OneNote workbooks in a much more visual manner than the classic tab system of OneNote. I have never been good with tabs. In fact if you came to my office you would notice that every single bit of wall space is covered with diagrams and notes. This is how I work. I even have a pattern, the important things to be done this week are on this part of the wall, these are references for SharePoint things. These ones over here are a collection of diagrams depicting process etc.

Visually organizing material allows me to very quickly find what I am looking for, where as tab names and especially multiple levels of tabs/categories often causes me to forget, miss, or lose valuable time looking for things.

Canvas for OneNote does all of the things I described above, but in the OneNote space, rather than on my walls. Pretty sweet eh?

If you are anything like me you will enjoy using it. If not then at least view the quick demonstrations on the site I linked above. Because even if you don’t feel it fits your style of work, it might just fit someone else you can recommend it to, or it can help you understand alot of the visual concepts for information working that are building more and more in our daily lives.

I really hope you are all as excited as I am about how the visual concepts of navigation here could benefit SharePoint, and many business uses of other Microsoft technology (or any technology) to make it more user friendly and provide a whole new depth to how we work.

Looking forward to other new projects by the Office Labs teams,

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