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Many people have probably already heard this via Joel’s blog or the twitter community but I just wanted to reiterate it here.

A wonderful new site/initiative to help SharePoint specific organizations and bloggers/communities to gain mutual benefit from one another through advertising.

There are two things I want to talk about on this – Why is this so awesome? What does this mean?

The first is the obvious growth of the SharePoint community over the past few years. I cannot count the number of SharePoint blogs anymore because new ones chalked full of content are going up every week. People are excited, and as a result are blogging more and more about SharePoint.

This is great news from a product support base, because it means clever ideas and workarounds are going to be more readily available and it also gives Microsoft and the ISV/Partner community tons of potential feedback for their products or customer needs.

Upon the release of I was extremely excited because it filled such a very large need. The site has turned into a wonderfully easy way of navigating the sea of SharePoint solutions and components that are out there. This benefited the businesses around SharePoint and those who have adopted it or are now using it.

What SharePoint Ads will do in my honest opinion is further strengthen the growth of the blogging community. If anything proves how many bloggers and community members for SharePoint there are out there it is that we actually have a strong need for more services like this one that help members of the community profit. No longer are we referencing organizations, but anyone who uses SharePoint and wants to share thoughts or ideas.

To me any company should see this as an important step and understand the WHY it’s so important.

Having blogs on the company website could bring attention to the company, but lets face it. A blog and the typical creative content of a blog is proprietary to the person who writes it. The author is the one who wants their name associated with their thoughts and ideas. This is why in my opinion the whole blogging in a company hasn’t really taken off. It’s just too personal still. Writing articles are a different matter, but blogging certainly is still a personable experience.

Since it is so strongly independant companies are often interacting in a very limited sense with bloggers. Services such as SharePoint Ads provide a much simpler, easier and more effective way for organizations to get their product or service heard by their target audience. “SharePoint Products+Services for SharePoint Users”

So if you are a company out there. Note this. See how important this change is, and jump on the bandwagon because this methodology for marketing and advertising is the future. Status updates (twitter) are probably next where people get paid based on positive references to products etc, but for now blogging is understood and accepted by pretty much everyone, but it certainly isn’t fully used as an advertising medium at this point.

Anyways I rambled a bit, but just wanted to illustrate how great this was, and hopefully open a couple eyes to why it’s an important step in connecting the community and businesses interested in the same thing.
Richard Harbridge

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