SharePoint 2007/WSS SP2 for April 28th

Don’t worry I won’t go into all the details. The original announcement is located here: all the interesting details can be found in the above post as well.

Suffice to say lots of important updates (which we all love). Don’t forget that many of the fixes for known issues can be found in the latest cumulative update for SharePoint Server. (Pretty sure February was the last one, and Microsoft shut down December’s due to lots of issues after installation. (Feb from what I hear has no issues))

For those of you who remember end of April was the next scheduled cumulative update, but I am fairly confident this will just be rolled into the service pack.

Personal Items of Note:

  1. In SP2 – Nice little STSADM command to help determine prep status for SharePoint 2010. If you haven’t already begun planning for this consider it carefully now. Think of the talks about 64 bit support and other items of interest and evaluate your current environment. In most organizations I have worked with it takes months to get new hardware and upgrade projects underway so why not try and start some wheels rolling now?
  2. Microsoft will release more information closer to the release date on exactly what issues are resolved in this Service Pack but the last cumulative update and the high level items they outline here are a good indication of what you can expect.
  3. When it does release please for the love of god backup and then test it on development environments, QA environments and eventually on production. Don’t jump right to production. This ensures A) you don’t begin dealing with unexpected issues in ‘panic mode’, B) provides some time for any potential issues to be documented by the community and Microsoft, C) if there is an issue you can back out of it and plan/identify what happened and how to best deal with it.

Looking forward to some wonderful fixes,
Richard Harbridge

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