Mind Map of Resume? IBIS Map of Cover Letter? Do it.

Want to drastically improve your chances at nailing that new or better job? Try some of these self proclaimed totally awesome ideas. Don’t think you have to stop using the old fashioned resume and cover letter. Just attach these to the existing ones you use for extra effect. 🙂

Mind Map Your Resume – Diagram Who You Are

Create a Mind Map of yourself, and your ‘resume’. This makes you stand out, and it allows people to digest information about you as a person in a creative and sometimes faster more efficient manner.

Here is an example of my mind map resume: http://www.mindmeister.com/18885811 – Just expand and collapse nodes. (I know it’s messy and overlaps, but it gets the point across. The one you print out is the complete and sexy looking map, so that’s the one that matters.)

(If the above link shows a login prompt, you can click browse and find it (Richard Harbridge, or 18885811) or you can just look at this image to get an idea of how to start.)

Just print one off and add it to your resume as a last extra page. You wouldn’t believe how much impact that alone can have at making you stand out and getting you the interview and job opportunity.

IBIS Map Your Cover Letter – Explain How You Benefit The Business

This is only one way of helping you get a job. For those of you who have done IBIS mapping (or Dialogue mapping) you can use this as well. Apply for a job with an IBIS diagram with a starting question of “Why should you hire me?” and go from there.

If you think about it that’s what a cover letter really does at its core. Explain why you are better than anyone else for the position. Here is a really fast example I whipped up.


Yes I know it’s biased and not an accurate IBIS map, but if done correctly (heck even unbiased) you can show why you are so awesome. (It’s meant to be funny, in reality I would probably articulate real unbiased reasons why I am a good fit for the role etc as ideas and real unbiased reasons why anyone else may not be as good a choice.)

To learn more about IBIS mapping just do a google search there is a wealth of great content out there, or if your a SharePoint person you should read over Paul Culmsee’s great posts on the topic at http://www.cleverworkarounds.com/

Why Should You Try These?

We are in an economic recession. This means that when job postings are created companies get more response not less, and it’s harder and harder for organizations to sift through the applicants to find the one that fits the job best. Standing out and being noticed is the first step to getting them to read your resume a bit better.

Let’s face it, old fashioned boring cover letters and resumes are still used, but if there’s a newer way of doing something and you take the time and energy to do it well, you can beat everyone else out there to the best opportunity of your life. Benefiting both you and the organization you are applying to.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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4 Comments on “Mind Map of Resume? IBIS Map of Cover Letter? Do it.”

  1. Paul Says:

    what a great idea, would be very sensible to as our minds automatically think that way meaning the empoyer would be stoked and find that they can move straight to what they want easier. plus it gives them all the real information they need within one page!

    Like the idea!


    Paul Telling
    Creative Communications Creator and Graphic Facilitator
    Pauls Site
    Visualise and Monetise!

    • Laura Paris Says:

      Great ideas for cover letters. Thanks for using an actual example. Too many times people talk about what makes a good cover letter, but never show you what that really looks like. 🙂

  2. Terry Smuleln Says:

    Mindmap, Schmindmap…this is called a model folks…and it has been around forever…Everything new is old!

  3. Maureen Schlosser Says:

    I totally agree with the previous posters and I hadn’t been looking for a job when they were commenting but now I am. What a basic yet brilliant idea!

    I’m always customizing my resume to highlight the specific things I’ve done to get a leg up against the flood of SharePoint SMEs who are certified but how do I know that anyone is even reading my resume? Maybe they look at my boring bulleted cover letter and in those vital first three cover letter lines of “I’m submitting my resume with interest in your” zzzzzzzzz their head hits the keyboard and they forget all about me.

    THIS puts an excellent spin on it and makes it more demonstrative – it’s visual but gives good facts and it’s well worth the effort. I’m using it NOW!


    thank you and may we all find a way to keep our heads above water and then some :)!

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