Simple (AMAZING!) Resume Tips and Tricks

I received a fair amount of verbal feedback/discussion on my post about mind mapping your resume and using IBIS maps etc on cover letters ( ) and was surprised by how few people used alternative ideas like this to provide more impact to their existing resume. (Google searches has some pretty poor (but funny) results.)

We live in a competitive world. We are currently in an economic recession. Now is the time to make sure you are presenting yourself effectively if you want to get that specific job. So here are a couple simple tips, and tricks for improving your resume:

Make a PowerPoint Presentation available of why you should be hired, or of who you are.

Everyone at this point understands presentations, slides and PowerPoint in business. It can be a great way to story board who you are, or what you bring to the table and is really easy to make. So why not make one?

Make a video of why you should be hired, or who you are.

Even if this is youtube quality it can still be a HUGE step over the competition. It’s easy to do. So do it.

Make a podcast or audio version of your resume.

It’s easy, and it makes you different. It also makes it much more personal when you hear a voice instead of just reading the worlds.

Mind Map your resume.

It can be much easier to read, and as I said in my previous post visual mapping can help people remember you and make you stand out.

Make a version in Excel with CHARTS, GRAPHS, and fun stuff!

This one is the most surprising to me. If you are a finance person, or an individual who uses excel all the time and are applying for a related position why not use graphs and data points to clearly indicate why you should be hired? Use examples of how much money you saved a company, or metrics on how productive you are, or rate usefulness of your skills and show how strongly skilled you are compared to something else etc etc.

Make a Silverlight or Flash version of your resume.

If you have the development skills, or design skills, then show them off!

Finally to sum it up:

  1. Make sure it’s online, everywhere. (Monster, Workopolis, your blog, LinkedIn, VisualCV, etc)
  2. Make sure you have alternative versions/formats. (If it’s in flash, have it in HTML too, make a PDF of it, make a word format.)
  3. Be creative with extra formats!

Hope this helps someone,
Richard Harbridge

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