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SharePoint Saturdays

November 20, 2009

One other small update. I will be presenting at both SharePoint Saturday DC on December 5th and at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach on January 9th. Closer to the dates or when I have something worth sharing from my slides I will post it here as well.

If anyone from the Toronto area wants to come I will be driving down both times I think, and so I have open spots in my car if you want to come :). Just email me harbrich <{at}> and we can work it out.

Take care,
Richard Harbridge

Canadian SharePoint User Groups Galore

November 20, 2009

There are more than a bazillion posts now out there about SharePoint and Office 2010. Yes I counted them. So I will just reference this address and tell you to visit it and get the beta’s and have fun:

A whole slew of things are going on that are also exciting. In Canada we have two new user groups for SharePoint.

There is the Mississauga SharePoint User Group ( and the Calgary SharePoint User Group (

Let’s not forget the other great SharePoint User Groups in Canada in fact here is a list of all of them!

  1. Toronto SharePoint User Group –
  2. Mississauga SharePoint User Group –
  3. Calgary SharePoint User Group –
  4. Quebec SharePoint User Group –
  5. Ottawa SharePoint User Group –
  6. Vancouver SharePoint User Group –
  7. Victoria SharePoint User Group –
  8. Winnipeg SharePoint User Group –

P.S – Microsoft please update your website here:

Hope this helps someone and GET INVOLVED the SharePoint community is awesome!
Richard Harbridge