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Podcasting/Screencasting and Live Labs Community Clips

February 26, 2009

I have been trying to work on doing more screen casts for both personal and professional items, and incorporating that into my daily process.

The why:

I probably do 10+ Different Presentations on SharePoint or something else a week, several training sessions at least a week, and it just makes sense to start recording more stuff to be used for communicating ideas, concepts, or training to people.

It doesn’t have to be professional though. I know my friends and family often call and ask me to help them with all sorts of technology related things. You could record a screen cast explaining to aunt Mabel how to access her email.

I mean in the above case Aunt Mabel also has to learn how to open a video, but that might be easier than the steps to access her mail, or how to send an email etc.

Hopefully that and your own ideas are enough as to why, now lets move on to what you and I probably need.

Example (really general and simple) Requirements for screencasting and podcasting:

Let’s jot some of the simple requirements any podcaster/screencaster will have:

  1. The ability to record screen casts and podcasts.
    This will include the need for hardware, software, and equipment (such as microphones, speakers, and headphones).
  2. The ability to store all screen casts, podcasts and related material securely.
  3. The ability to access, search, and organize my screen casts, podcasts and related material.
  4. The ability to share my screen casts internally, and externally.

And how about some secondary requirements they might have have:

  1. The ability to backup my screen casts, podcasts and related material would help assure me that any work I do will not be lost.
  2. Get a really cool sounding accent. This makes your videos way more enjoyable to watch.

Some of the things I intend to use to help me get podcasting, and/or screen casting away:

  1. So first of all there is the well known PKS (Podcasting Kit for SharePoint) located on codeplex: which I fully intend to use to share and access my screen casts internally (and eventually externally). The kit and SharePoint together will provide me with an enormous quantity of features that should satisfy many of my requirements. 

    IF YOU HAVEN’T USED OR TRIED THIS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING SO. Even if you aren’t doing screen casts/podcasts the code is all there and there are quite a few neat tricks/features in the package.

  2. Then there’s MSN Soapbox, Youtube, Itunes and lots of other popular places where I can post them easily and share to the community (and of course my blog, if I ever get away from the javascript/embed object hating wordpress). This satisfies many of my requirements as well.
  3. I intend to start using Microsoft Live Labs Community Clip ( for my simple screen cast authoring. (Anything that’s a personal note, or a quick capture.) It’s a wonderful FREE Microsoft live tool for screen capturing that can automatically send to MSN Soapbox. This is also the first tool I will recommend to many users starting out, because it’s very simple and user friendly.

You also are going to need more powerful video editing software so you can edit and make your screen casts more appealing, and  it doesn’t hurt to have a good evangelization and marketing model as well for how you are going to get attention for each type of screen cast or podcast as well.

Hope this helps either inspire someone to also do more screen casting, and podcasting or improve their daily lives/work using the power of ‘information capturing’ in some other way. I mean that’s what SharePoint is all about isn’t it?

Richard Harbridge