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Development with SharePoint Designer

July 25, 2008

A wonderful post was written by Emile Bosch about the power behind SharePoint Designer and the lack of developers using it to it’s full potential.

It is my highest recommendation that if you are a SharePoint Developer, Analyst, or Consultant that you fully investigate SharePoint Designer and what is available out of the box for SharePoint. One of the biggest wastes around SharePoint is the duplication of effort. Someone doesn’t know enough about the out of the box components and features (partly Microsoft’s fault for not evangelising this) and recreates SharePoint functionality.

Don’t think it’s just SharePoint Designer either, make sure you understand the API of SharePoint well before developing something, because odds are it might already exist, or at least an existing object or class can give you a boost and reduce your development effort.

If you haven’t take a gander at all the SharePoint WebControls:

A few other examples of great components that exist out of the box that often people don’t explore fully are:

  • DataFormWebPart
  • ListFormWebPart
  • ListViewWebPart

I hope this helps,