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Service Pack 2 Issue and Admitting a Mistake

May 22, 2009

First of all, for anyone out there that doesn’t know Service Pack 2 for SharePoint causes the expiration date to be incorrectly activated so that it will expire in 180 days. Here is the announcement on the SharePoint team blog: can check if you are effected by looking at the services enabled in your farm. To fix it you just basically reset your key.

While it is sort of funny, and can cause concern (minor, since it’s easily resolved) it is important to note that Microsoft responded to it and accepted responsibility for the issue. This is a good reminder to everyone of us at a personal level to admit when a mistake has been made (and any of us who have used SharePoint in any capacity have almost certainly made some while we were learning) and to take steps as soon as possible to correct it.

If I look back at the first solutions I built, or the first time I installed/configured SharePoint there are things I am sure I did wrong or may have missed. There were better ways I could have built my code (such as missing dispose methods on my webs in my very first SharePoint application), or I didn’t know to change the index, and log save locations from the smaller C: drive to the larger and more spacious D: drive of my server. Sometimes it’s funny and gets caught before it can cause an issue (such as saving SharePoint Disaster Recovery documentation on SharePoint) or it can be found after when it’s already causing trouble.

What is important when a mistake is found though is that we accept it and work to resolve it. Being honest and responsible are good business traits. Trying to cover things up almost always causes more trouble than it avoids. In technology there area so many complications and ways we can try and hide things, or adjust blame when approached with situations like this. I often hear developers blaming environments, administrators blaming users, users blaming management for poor training or support, users blaming technology etc etc. In almost all of these cases the individual or group blaming can resolve the issue, or might have made a mistake.

Anyways I just thought it would be good to look at this as a reminder. We all make mistakes. It’s how we react as people and businesses that really matters,
Richard Harbridge

User Unable to Create Page (User has Full Control)

April 30, 2009

Ran into an odd little issue this morning where my users in a publishing site could not create new pages. The reason they couldn’t create a new page turned out to be because they did not have read rights on the masterpage gallery.

The symptoms are basically access denied pages when any user with full control or design rights chooses to create a page in a publishing site. When they create the page they get the typical “Error: Access Denied” page and can either sign in as another user or request access.

Hope this helps save someone a bit of time troubleshooting this specific issue in the future,
Richard Harbridge

Name.dll Prompt in IE 7 Fix (Feature, and Easy Deployment)

December 1, 2008

Great news! Ever receive that name.dll prompt on a SharePoint site of yours when viewing in IE 7?

This issue occurs if the Name ActiveX control (Name.dll) is not added to the list of preapproved controls in Internet Explorer 7. The Name ActiveX control is included in the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

The way to fix it? They have 3 ways, add the site to trusted sites, change the registry, or modify each master page.

Typically option 3 is most appealing. (Quick note, make sure you comment all function lines in their example, it is wrong and if you don’t will result in a js error.) However it has a significant drawback. Imagine how much effort it would take to update hundreds of site collections with many customized master pages?

The good news is that just a short time ago Larry J. Riemann wrote a terrific feature for codeplex based off of Randy Drisgill’s workaround (in response to issues people were having):

The feature (which makes me happy) is located here:

What is great about this feature is that it is scoped to the web application level so the number of site collections, and sub sites don’t matter. What’s more the way it’s designed should not be effected by any customizations or the number of master pages. Making it a very appealing resolution.

Find out more about the codeplex activex override at Larry’s blog here:

Warning: Through testing this feature I have noticed it causes critical errors when using InfoPath Form Services.

Thank you Randy and Larry we all appreciate it,
Richard Harbridge

Calculated Column Dynamically Updated (When using [Today])

October 3, 2008

Today I was asked a fairly common question that everyone who uses calculated columns eventually runs into. “How do you get a column to calculate automatically when using a reference for a date, or something that dynamically changes like [Today]?” Out of the box this isn’t available because the calculated columns ONLY calculate when an item is updated.

The solution is simple, you write a custom solution that updates all items as desired. So this could be something that runs daily or every time you view the data (using a dashboard). You could even write the code so it adds and removes the column instead of iterating through the items. Do some performance testing to see which is faster in your case.

A terrific Article was posted by Dink that answers exactly how to do it too with free samples:

There is also a post here by Chris where he uses the DataView and JavaScript:

Hopefully this helps someone out,
Richard Harbridge