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SharePoint Camp in Toronto on March 20th

March 11, 2010

If you live in the Toronto area and like learning, technology, SharePoint, or wonderful people you NEED to come to SharePoint camp on March 20th.

Go ahead, register at the link above. I’ll wait here patiently.

I attended it last year and gave the event a 5 star review:

For me personally this was really my first ‘community conference’ and is what got me interested and involved with the SharePoint community. Up until this time I had been answering questions on the forums, blogging tidbits, attended the odd user group session, and was working away on my own (with contact with various experts) but had never really embraced the community. Seeing that there were so many other passionate people out there with their own experiences, skills, and opinions really had a powerful impact on me both professionally and personally.

  1. I wanted to hear the challenges other SharePoint professionals had experienced and how they overcame them.
  2. Technology is one thing, but I loved that topics on things like mind mapping introduced me to new ways of working and thinking I had not used before.
  3. Meeting people became a passion of mine. I was always reserved and fairly quiet at Conferences, but knowing this was a community event, and that I wasn’t representing my company or their interests, and instead was representing my own allowed me to connect and meet with people in a very different way. I have found this to be far more enjoyable, beneficial, and powerful than ‘corporate’, or even pay conference/events personally.
  4. It made me want to share many of the experiences and things that I had learned with everyone else. I had presented at internal conferences, or other industry events, but never in a free, personal, and community driven environment. Seeing the great presenters, activity, and energy at the event it was hard to contain my excitement at becoming a part of it.
  5. I brought up the idea of a Mississauga SharePoint User Group at the event and found that other people were also interested (or had similar thoughts). We all went away and now a bit over a year later we have a Mississauga SharePoint User Group that allows us to see/share/and learn more without that difficult Toronto commute.

Trying to explain how much the community and people I have met have enriched my career and my personal life is very difficult. I just thought I would share a little bit with you and really hope to see many of you out there on the 20th. Even if you aren’t interested in SharePoint 🙂

Take care,
Richard Harbridge

Canadian SharePoint User Groups Galore

November 20, 2009

There are more than a bazillion posts now out there about SharePoint and Office 2010. Yes I counted them. So I will just reference this address and tell you to visit it and get the beta’s and have fun:

A whole slew of things are going on that are also exciting. In Canada we have two new user groups for SharePoint.

There is the Mississauga SharePoint User Group ( and the Calgary SharePoint User Group (

Let’s not forget the other great SharePoint User Groups in Canada in fact here is a list of all of them!

  1. Toronto SharePoint User Group –
  2. Mississauga SharePoint User Group –
  3. Calgary SharePoint User Group –
  4. Quebec SharePoint User Group –
  5. Ottawa SharePoint User Group –
  6. Vancouver SharePoint User Group –
  7. Victoria SharePoint User Group –
  8. Winnipeg SharePoint User Group –

P.S – Microsoft please update your website here:

Hope this helps someone and GET INVOLVED the SharePoint community is awesome!
Richard Harbridge

SharePoint Developer Challenge

March 2, 2009

Paul Andrew released a very exciting announcement last Friday ( The announcement was that Microsoft is running a contest for people who contribute to the SharePoint developer forums! (

There are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs:

  1. 1st Prize – a 120GB Zune
  2. 2nd Prize – an Xbox 360 Arcade
  3. 3rd, 4th, 5th Prize – a 7” SharePoint Branded Digital Photo Frame

I am also going to quote how to enter from Paul’s post here:

How do I enter?
If you wish to participate in this Contest, you must FIRST register before the close of the Monthly Prize Period you are entering by sending an e-mail to that conforms to the following requirements:

The subject line of your e-mail must read – ‘Forum Promotion’
1. The body of your  e-mail must contain the following information:
2. First and last name.
3. Email address
4. Forum sign-in name, which we’ll use to identify your answers.

This is great news for those who like contributing and helping people in the community as they now have a chance to get something back, but it is also terrific because hopefully it drives far more people to contribute on the forums. I also hope it becomes a regular thing. *wink wink to the Microsoft teams*

There has been a lot of debate especially around SharePoint Development support and resources from Microsoft as we have progressed through SharePoint 2007’s maturity. Some individuals feel Microsoft may not have released enough information (especially in the beginning) and support for developers learning and building powerful SharePoint based solutions.

In my mind the community will always be far more effective at creating documentation and parsing out a large number of recommendations and best practices than Microsoft can be on an almost open ended platform like SharePoint.

While I am in agreement that it can be frustrating (trust me I know) for new or existing developers to find certain information on classes, methods, or development related material for SharePoint (especially at the beginning of the SharePoint 2007 release), it is extremely satisfying to see Microsoft do initiative after initiative to help support the Microsoft Development community.

Here is another simple example of Microsoft trying to help the community grow and become stronger and I just wanted to say thank you to both the community and Microsoft for working together so well and striving to become better all the time.
Richard Harbridge