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Find SharePoint Help, References and Material

July 30, 2008

Everyone who begins working with SharePoint or even many of us who have been working with it for awhile always come up with some question that the books we keep around us cannot easily answer.

The good news is that pretty much every question has been answered by some nice blogger, the Microsoft Team, or you can find the information that will enable you to make your own answer.

In my opinion you can find the MOST ACCURATE answer quickest by referencing MSDN or your SDK. However MSDN is a bit technical oriented, and of course does not contain every answer. The second place I would search would be user blogs (there are lots of wonderful ones out there, and then some okay ones like mine :P). Finally I would search actual physical books last (unless you remember reading about it and the page/paragraph it was on you robot in the guise of a human).

The secret to doing this however is in what you search for. The internet is full of wonderful content, and sifting through that can be difficult for even the best search engines. You can improve the odds of success by adding operands to your search query and if possible using class names or things that should be unique on the internet.

Example: I want to find MSDN information on SharePoint features.

I navigate to the search engine of my choice and input “site: SharePoint Features” which will cause the search results to only display those that are on the MSDN site that have the words SharePoint Features. You could even adjust it further by adding qoutes around SharePoint Features so that it looks for the two words side by side as you describe.

Here is a good reference for operands for google (which most can be used in other search engines):

Hope this helps someone looking for some more information,
Richard Harbridge