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Calculated Column Limits (1024 Characters)

February 10, 2009

So hopefully many people out there know there is an 8 level nesting limit on Calculated columns (see Microsoft’s article here: The way to get around this is to probably use choose statements, or to use multiple calculated columns.

I also think I discovered a 1024 character limit today (it’s a huge pain in my butt), but I could only find one comment response that agrees with that being a limit. I honestly can’t guess as to why it’s limited to 1024 characters (query string/url limitation?) but it is a definite limit from what I can see. You can create multiple calculated columns still (in my case I had a 7000 character extremely complex formula, so I probably won’t do this and will just use excel and push it up with excel services) to get around the limit. 🙂

Just wanted to share this with anyone wondering why they keep getting the “The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.” when they have a large number of characters (over 1024) in their calculation formula.
Richard Harbridge